The Girl He Left Behind

The Girl He Left Behind


Review of the book - The Girl He Left Behind

Author - Shilpa Suraj

Published - 2014

Book Quote - "Because having the genes of that vile, repulsive excuse of a man pass on to their children is every woman's dream come true?"

Review -

"The Girl He Left Behind" by Shilpa Suraj is a delightful contemporary romance novel that tells the story of Sia and Ryan. The two have a history together, having met and fallen in love during their college days before Ryan abruptly left her without any explanation.

Years later, Sia is still trying to move on from her heartbreak when Ryan suddenly reappears in her life. The two are forced to confront their past and the feelings they still have for each other.

Shilpa Suraj's writing style is engaging and heartfelt, and she does an excellent job of creating believable and relatable characters. The chemistry between Sia and Ryan is electric, and readers will find themselves rooting for them to find their way back to each other.

One of the things that stands out about this book is the author's portrayal of the culture and traditions of India. Shilpa Suraj's attention to detail and sensitivity in depicting the customs and practises of the country add an extra layer of richness to the story.

"The Girl He Left Behind" is a well-written and enjoyable romance novel that is perfect for fans of the genre. The story is sweet and heartwarming, and the characters are easy to connect with. It's a great pick for anyone looking for a light and satisfying read.